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I am passionate about technology and my goal is to lead successful teams and projects to the finish line. I love to work with hardware just as much as software - to create, architect, develop, design and code. Software development is an evolving landscape. This encourages a path of continued education and improvement to those that value their craft.

I focus to bring that same enthusiasm and value about our modern landscape to clients and businesses. Helping to build teams, projects and a vision that facilitates organizational growth that positively impacts the bottom line with confidence.



Software Developer/Project Management (Consultant)

Software developer/architect, UI/UX and project manager on a variety of applications, requiring both strong front-end and back-end knowledge.

Mariner Innovations Logo

Manager/Senior Software Developer

Mariner Innovations - Manager and Software Developer; leading projects and managing a core team centred on the .NET platform.

Selected Achievements:

  • Led and managed a team that converted a legacy desktop Delphi application to a multi-server .NET environment for the insurance industry. Selected to lead the planning and collaboration between multiple stakeholders and milestone product demonstrations/meetings as well. Advised on technology stack to build the final product and created application architecture.
    • The application was split between an ASP.NET MVC front-end (RAZOR views) and a Web API back-end solution in C# 6.0. The application was heavily tied to IBM MQ using a proprietary library which needed to interface seamlessly with the new solution. Application performance and UX responsiveness were greatly increased along with reliability using load-balanced servers.
    • Interviewed, trained and oversaw new hires on legacy/new application design and future planned architecture.
    • Responsible for overseeing high-level and detailed design documentation, along with use cases for BA requirements.
    • Collaborated with internal and client stakeholders on requirements/design and integration of new software components.
  • Assisted in creating and designing a solution that facilitated the conversion of a Microsoft Access 2007 application/database into an ASP.NET WebForms application to increase performance, reliability and responsiveness, along with security. The Access database was migrated to SQL Server 2016.

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Software Developer

Guestlogix - My main focus at Guestlogix was to lead the complete redesign of the company’s eReceipt portal to allow customers of airlines to search for receipts of any in-flight purchases. Currently in use by WestJet (please click the "Find my receipt" link within the page to view) along with two or three other airlines.

Additionally, I joined the core development team to perform upgrades to the main backend product that communicated with all POS systems on airlines using RESTful services.

Tech Stack tech stack icon
Java (Domain Driven Design), Thymeleaf, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, MyBatis, MapStruct, SQL, JavaScript / jQuery / HTML5 / CSS / SASS, Bootstrap, Eclipse, IntelliJ, SQL Server, SQLite, Tomcat, Gradle, Git, Proprietary Framework, Jira - within an Agile environment

Medavie Blue Cross / Croix Bleue Medavie Logo

Programmer Analyst (Contract)

BLUE CROSS - I was part of a core team of designers and developers to create a completely new public facing website for Blue Cross utilizing the Craft CMS framework.

Tech Stack tech stack icon
Twig / PHP (Craft CMS), JavaScript / jQuery / HTML5 / CSS, IntelliJ, Git - within an Agile environment.

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Software Developer (Contract)

R2 Gaming - Selected Achievements:

  • Created an internal custom repair/inventory application (R2 RIMS). This application was central to every repair the company carried out on all types of gaming equipment, including onsite and drop shipped inventory items. In addition, repair orders contained quotes/invoices/packing slips/purchase orders that were version-able, searchable, printable and categorized for reference on live and archived orders.
  • Oversaw business analytics (reporting) on all aspects of the workflow within R2 RIMS, which included work orders, inventory management and parts used in repairs and/or resale. The application had a robust administration section that allowed users to set permissions on all aspects of the application for repair technicians, field technicians, support staff, managers and admins. The various permissions allowed access not only to the top-level sections but for actions within each individual section for fine-grained control.
  • Developed a variety of useful UX features, including utilizing real-time graphs that tracked and revealed ongoing work in progress on a customizable sidebar. The administration section also allowed managers to control the look and feel of the application, including variables/thresholds used within reports for dynamic data feedback.
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Java, Spring MVC, JSP, Maven, JavaScript / jQuery / HTML5 / CSS / SASS, Bootstrap, Apache ActiveMQ, Quartz Framework, PostgreSQL, BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting), Eclipse / IntelliJ, Jira.

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Development Manager/Software Developer

SN Technologies - Selected Achievements:

  • Created, which included customized graphics and functionality (customers/clients can have a profile set up and run the latest version of the company’s application to demo), resulting in a high-functioning website that contributed to brand visibility for the company.
  • Oversaw development and testing of two Java/JSP based applications (PROFIT (casinos) and AEGIS (school security) - consisting of over 10 separate application modules running on Tomcat with a PostgreSQL database) that interfaced with multiple standalone applications gathering real-time video feeds. Table games for casinos and security cameras for schools. AEGIS is currently used for facial recognition and identification for security purposes and was installed in numerous schools in New York.
  • Created 80+ BIRT (Business Intelligence) reports, compiling data that was used to identify player statistics, conduct financial analysis and offer various insights for the Marketing and Finance Departments, resulting in greater operating efficiency.
  • Reports and a separate, customizable real-time UI dashboard were also created for use by the Security Department at casinos, that was fed live data statistics from table games. Customizable security thresholds could be set which would trigger alarms/notices at selected intervals.
  • Distributed application architecture using multiple instances of Tomcat and Apache AMQ via JMS. Quartz framework was used extensively for module scheduling and reporting delivery to selected users (including scheduled email delivery).
  • Led coordination of multiple teams for development in Ontario, Canada and Toulouse, France, along with onsite installations/visits at casinos and schools.
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Java, Spring MVC, JSP, Maven, JavaScript / jQuery / HTML5 / CSS / SASS, Bootstrap, Apache ActiveMQ, Quartz Framework, PostgreSQL, BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting), Eclipse / IntelliJ, Jira.

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IT Manager/Software Developer

Casino New Brunswick - Selected Achievements:

  • Directed a team of Network Administrators and Data Analysts, managing a $600k yearly budget, and consistently delivering within that margin.
  • Led renegotiation of numerous third-party contracts with vendors, including Xerox, Bell, Ticket Break and Guest-Tek among others; saving the property north of $100k in yearly fees and costs.
  • Launched a P2V project in moving the majority of the physical servers to a Hyper-V environment throughout the property.
  • Launched a successful project to completely replace the facility-wide legacy data backup method using tape media, to an enterprise-class solution using a Dell AppAssure solution and reinforced hardware redundancy.
  • Heavily modified and edited the IT Policies and Procedures manual for up to date information and practices, as well as provincial regulation adherence and compliance.
  • Led the creation and development of numerous reports and case studies to help define project scope, analysis and workflows property wide regarding all aspects of the IT infrastructure.
  • Initiated the construction of a fully contained IT Operations room with appropriate facilities adjoining the general admin area of the property.
  • Created a brand new website (2011-2014) using Umbraco CMS, including all customized graphics and development. Launched a successful AdWords campaign and reached over 80k visitors a month (from 35k), steadily increasing SEO effectiveness.
  • Oversaw development of an application for the main security desk {CNB Security Log}. This application recorded all activity required by regulation when a visitor or vendor was on premises, replacing error-prone manual processes previously used.
  • Led the design and development of the casino’s intranet website used by 400+ employees, based on Umbraco CMS.
  • Oversaw development of an ASP.NET web application that allowed the Casino to scan “Rewards Club” cards to determine eligibility for merchandise giveaways and promotions on site. As of early 2014, the application had processed hundreds of thousands of player’s cards and counting {CNB PlayerScan}. The aggregated data was used by marketing to analyze promotion efficacy. An accompanying console C# application was also used to query the player database for marketing analysis.
  • Led design and development of a WinForms application in C# which was used at poker tournaments to manage stats, players, and keep track of progress and scores.
  • Created a WinForms application in C# that allowed a buffet attendant to manage and organize customer seating. As a result, the attendant was able to alert multiple customers at a time and the alert messages were shown on numerous TVs throughout the gaming floor. The application was able to push the restaurant’s statuses as well – e.g., closed, immediate seating available etc. {Buffet Caller}.
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C# / ASP.NET, JavaScript / jQuery / HTML5 / CSS, SQL, SQL Server, IIS, Visual Studio. WinForms / WPF.

Self Employed

Software Developer - Consultant

I was responsible for numerous web applications, desktop projects and websites based on popular CMS frameworks such as Umbraco (.NET) and WordPress. Including e-commerce storefronts using AspDotNetStorefront (.NET).

Sample Projects:

  • - Created a WordPress based website to showcase the massage clinic’s services and allow clients to make appointment bookings online. I was responsible for designing the company’s graphics, including a variety of printed materials (brochures and pamphlets) displayed at the clinic.
  • - Developed a complete mobile application with back-end services for custom casino properties. Used to connect app users with announcements, promotions, events and more. Custom back-end built on Umbraco (C# | Razor) for live content updates. Xamarin.Android / Xamarin.iOS.
  • Garlica - Designed and developed an ASP.NET e-commerce website based on the AspDotNetStorefront platform. Created company’s complete identity, including graphics, product labels and all printed materials.
  • - Converted the original PHP OsCommerce Online Merchant based website into an ASP.NET e-commerce solution (based on the AspDotNetStorefront platform). Oversaw various SEO development techniques and marketing campaigns to drive their $80k-$100k per day worldwide sales.
  • Quality First Renovations and Construction - Designed and developed an ASP.NET website to showcase the company's home and commercial remodeling / construction projects and services. Created company’s complete identity, including logo, custom graphics and all printed materials.
  • Reptile Breeder Pro - Designed and developed an ASP.NET e-commerce website (based on the AspDotNetStorefront platform). I was responsible for designing the company’s graphics, including a variety of printed materials (brochures and pamphlets) displayed at trade shows and distributed to customers.


Software Developer - Consultant for ACOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency)

My primary focus was acting as a consultant to ACOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency). Designed and developed a large-scale, Microsoft ASP based secure website to allow end users to submit business plans in consideration for government funding. Maintained and carried out upgrades of Windows servers and databases, including recommending hardware/software for website functionality.

WorldWideWebs Inc.

Programmer Analyst

Worked with a core, talented development and creative group in a wide range of tasks, from designing website applications (code and graphics) to developing custom functionality using a varied tech stack - including VB6, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

  • Created over 30+ original web mock-ups in Photoshop and converted to functional websites.
  • Established initial websites for and, along with numerous other clients.
  • Acted as official IT Manager making all software and hardware decisions for the company, remotely maintaining all servers on and off-site, including working directly with clients.
  • Programmed and designed a custom auction/bidding Windows x86 application in Visual Basic 6 (used by clients for auctions, including the famous John F. Kennedy Jr. (JFK Jr.) plane auction).
  • Travelled to Florida on numerous occasions to work directly in person with the core team.


Programmer Analyst (Contract)

  • Assisted in development of a proprietary airline management software system, that eventually evolved into the Amelia Software suite. Originally developed in the Clarion (v4/v5) programming language.
  • Designed and developed the initial InteliSys Aviation Systems website.


CDI College, Mississauga, ON

1996 - 1998

Programmer Analyst Diploma / Computer Science - with distinction (top 5%)


Projects - Xamarin

Application Developer | Designer | Partner - Developed a completely customizable mobile application with back-end services for casino properties. Used to connect app users with announcements, promotions, events and more. Custom back-end built on Umbraco (C# | Razor) for live content updates. Xamarin.Android / Xamarin.iOS.

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